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Introducing Matchup Cricket

For the passionate cricket fan in you!

"Today, Sachin is going to make a century"

"Ishant is going to take Ponting's wicket"

"Steyn to de Villiers - next ball is going to be another 6"

"32 required of 14? Don't worry, Dhoni is still there!"

"Who has faced the highest no. of deliveries in Test Cricket?"

"We love making predictions based on patterns"

These conversations have inspired us to build Matchup Cricket - a real-time contextual predictions & trivia game that aims to make watching cricket matches more fun, interactive & rewarding. A place where you can make as many predictions as you want - while a match is in progress. From 'who will win this match', to 'who would be the best batsman in India innings' to 'how many wickets would Malinga take today' to 'how many runs will be scored in the next over or even next ball' !

In case you missed it, you can also predict " How many runs scored in the next ball ? " - yes, it can be THAT granular. It can be that REAL-TIME !!

Not just that, through the game you can test [ and enhance ] your knowledge through contextual trivia questions. Consider a situation where India is batting against England in the ongoing Test Series and Kohli comes to bat. In addition to predicting "How many runs will Kohli score in this innings ? " - you also get asked the trivia "How many centuries has Kohli scored against England in Test ?" - That's contextual, that's real-time.

Not just that, along with predictions & trivia, the game also shows useful breakdown of statistics of current bowler & batsman - including Head-to-Head comparison. That provides context to the ongoing tussle in the ongoing live cricket match.

Head to NEW Features! section to get a full lowdown on the available features.

And btw, if you're still wondering, the highest number of deliveries in Test cricket is faced by none other than Rahul Dravid with 31258 - about measly 5210 overs !!

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